A Decade of Neglect

“A Decade of Neglect: Public Education Funding in the Aftermath of the Great Recession” details for the first time the devastating impact on schools, classrooms and students when states choose to pursue an austerity agenda in the false belief that tax cuts will pay for themselves. The comprehensive report offers a deep dive into the long-term austerity agendas and historic disinvestment that sparked the wave of nationwide walkouts this spring.

After Janus, we’re in it to win it

In a decision that surprised no one, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 27 ruled against working people and in favor of billionaires and corporate interests in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, holding that requiring fair-share fees in public sector workplaces violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Dixie State University Challenges Employee's Right to Unionize!

We received a transcript of a meeting at Dixie State University. (Transcript PDF) In this meeting, Doajo Hicks, General Counsel & Chief Diversity Officer of the university, stated, "So, what you have to understand is that tenure gives you, otherwise in the State of Utah, everyone knows this, in the State of Utah every employee is at will. You cannot unionize, because it's against the law."
Obviously, Mr. Hicks doesn't know or understand national labor law or employee rights in Utah. (Which is surprising considering he is the General Counsel for DSU)
1) It is not illegal to unionize in Utah or in the United States. Every employee has the right to organize a union.
2) Not every employee in the "State of Utah" is at will. There are several thousand public employees across Utah that have contracts and unions negotiate on their behalf.
It has long been recognized that Utah Board of Regent's policy prohibits collective bargaining rights in public higher education institutions. That does not prohibit higher education faculty and staff from joining and forming unions.
Such bullying and intimidation, such as this example, unfortunately has become common in the workplace. This is why employees have formed unions and organized. We are seeing employees get fed up with such treatment as is the case in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado, and now Arizona. Thousands of employees in public education organizing, protesting, and fighting back! The greatest defense we have against unfair labor practices, intimidation at the workplace, and attacks against working families is to organize! Together in solidarity, we collectively have a voice. It's time for higher education faculty and staff to organize and come together. AFT Utah stands ready. Join the cause... join the union. #AFTEmpoweringU


Managing Stress!

The most common complaint that is shared with us concerning the work environment is the amount of stress at the workplace.

Share My Lesson

Share my lesson is a free resource that is available to all teacher and PSRP's. For teachers, these resources can include free lesson plans, actvities, and videos that are alligned with the Common Core. You can also connect with a community of experienced educators for the sharing of ideas and suggestions. You can also contribute your own ideas and lesson plans to the website for the use of other teachers around the state. For PSRP's, can also receive a variety of ideas and strategies from colleagues around the world.

Graduate employees make history at Georgetown

For two years, graduate employees at Georgetown University have been organizing, persistently working toward official recognition as the Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees. On April 2, the university finally agreed to allow them to vote on whether they want a union and promised that, if they win the vote, they’ll have dispute resolution, collective bargaining and other measures that will give them more of a voice on campus.