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PSI embraces educational support staff

Members of AFT's PSRP division and AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson joined Public Services International, the global public service workers union, to help kick off its new endeavor, the Educational Support and Cultural Workers Network, at its founding meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Relations With Salt Lake Community College an Epic Failure

AFT Utah President, Brad Asay, and Labor Relations Representative, Cal Udy reached out to Mr. John Robinson, SLCC Employee Relations Manager, Thursday afternoon, October 2, 2014. Asay states, "We stopped by the Human Resource Office to either meet with or set up an appointment with Mr. Robinson. Our intent was to clarify policies pertaining to AFT representation of our members across SLCC's campuses." Asay and Udy were met in the foyer by Mr. Robinson. Following brief introductions, Asay asked for a minute of Mr. Robinson's time.