AFT Plan to Safely Reopen Schools and Communities


Dear Union Members and Allies,


I am reaching out in a time of urgent need. The current window is closing for the time to create a back-to-school plan for this fall and current plans do not include adequate provisions for student, teacher, and community safety. I need your help to impress upon our leaders that we need a fall re-opening plan that meet everyone’s needs.


At AFT, we have provided the state with our suggestions for a safe school re-opening. I have included this document for you to review. We are actively working with local and state leaders to modify plans and procedures according to concrete evidence from health professionals and the latest research. We want to return to school to teach our students, and we want to do so in a scenario that is safe, sustainable, and responsive to changing conditions.


I welcome your concerns, suggestions, and help as we work together to make this happen. Please contact me directly with your feedback. I am including links that you can follow to locate and contact your local leaders to voice your opinions. They need to hear your perspective, your concerns, and suggestions. No one has the unique perspective that you have, and we need others to understand the scene of education as we see it. Your voice deserves to be heard.


Visit the link below to find your local representative. Click on the My Legislators tab, and enter your address. Click on the image of the representative and you will then see the contact information for elected officials in your area. Write a short description of your concerns and suggestions and send it off to them. Continue the conversation and express your concerns to the fullest!


In solidarity, 


Ani Ostendorff

AFT Vice President K12 Licensed Employees

AFT Utah



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AFT Utah - 2021 Utah Legislative Session Summary


It was a busy session this year. Lobbying on behalf of faculty, staff, and public employees was challenging online. We made it work! You can view our summary of bills we were tracking and lobbying. Thank you for those that worked with us and were actively involved contacting their elected officials. You made a difference on many bills. 

AFT Utah Bill Tracker and Summary

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Finally—it’s President-elect Biden

Patience—counseled by former Vice President Joe Biden all election week as Americans waited for votes to be counted—finally paid off Nov. 7, four days after Election Day, when Biden won in Pennsylvania and gained enough Electoral College votes to acquire a new title: president-elect. AFT President Randi Weingarten says the union’s leaders and members “can’t wait to get started” on the work ahead “with an administration that will embrace and fight for the values we hold dear.”