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Job Actions at Your Worksite


Walk In/Out Solidarity Action

  • Meet in the parking lot and all faculty/staff walk in together at the start of contract time
  • At the end of contract time, walk out together. 
  • No one works before or past contract time.
  • This is especially effective if you all get up together and walk out of a faculty/district meeting that goes overtime according to contract requirements.

LIterature Drops

  • Hand out literature and information on an issue to parents/public dropping off and picking up students. 
  • Stand on public property at the entrance to the school and hand literature to people through their car windows before and after school.

Wear Union Swag/Protest Buttons

  • Wearing your AFT lanyards, shirt, mask, or a union button displaying a hashtag, slogan, etc. 
  • Everyone wears their union attire to faculty meeting/district meetings.

AFT Bulletin Board

  • Create a bulletin board with union information, news, & event information in the faculty room. Keep it updated and current. 

Weekly Union Check-in Meetings

  • AFT Stewards should hold a quick 10-15 min union meeting weekly to check in with faculty/staff. Information from these meetings will be shared with local union officers.

Worksite Organizing

  • Unions are only as effective as their worksite membership. More members means more power. Union information should be given to each employee. One of the first people at a worksite a new employee should meet is the union steward. Remember, "First Friend, Best Friend" should be the practice and support for new employees.

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