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DSU Professor Unfairly Terminated

AFT Utah received documents that addresses the termination of Mr. Davenport, who is a member of our union.  It has been requested that the union make these documents available to the staff and faculty at DSU. ​ ​Contained in these documents are commentary and highlighted portions that point to the unfair treatment of Mr. Davenport by the University President and other university administration. These documents are in the original state that we received them.

With that being stated, we as a union believe that our members, Mr. Varlo Davenport and Joel Lewis, were treated unfairly by Dixie State University President Richard Williams and other administrators. Varlo wishes to return to his teaching position. Dr. Williams did not honor the recommendation from a appeals committee to return Mr. Davenport to his position, instead upholding his termination. Mr. Davenport was also exonerated in a public trial of any wrong doing, and still Dr. Williams refuses to allow him to return to his teaching position. Varlo Davenport is an excellent instructor and outstanding member of the community. He has served students at Dixie State for many years. The documents that we received substantiates his innocence and points to the mishandling of his termination. 

We call upon President Williams to return Varlo Davenport to his teaching postion at Dixie State University.

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