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Health Care Resolutions AFL-CIO National Convention

On September 11, 2013, the AFL-CIO National Convention debated and passed
two health care resolutions--both calling for a universal, single payer
health care system. They are Resolution 15, Protecting and Expanding
Medicare Benefits, and Resolution 54, the Affordable Care Act.

AFT was a key supporter of both these resolutions. Below is a link to the video of the debate.


AFT Scholarship Winners

Kelsie Condie and Maegan Parr are the 2013 AFT Scholarship recipients. They both received $1000.00 scholarships. We congratulate these excellent students and wish them the best of luck as they progress toward their future careers. AFT Utah is proud to support Utah students with their academic goals.


AFT supports LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights

The AFT has signed on as a proud partner of the LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights, joining more than 80 LGBT and progressive organizations that support the initiative to raise awareness of LGBT rights and empower patients to demand high-quality care.