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Attacks on our Profession!


Bills that are coming to committee now include a collection, strategically timed and orchestrated to hit teachers and learning communities. A number of new bills are specifically designed to degrade our schools, de-professionalize what we do, and privatize our students’ education. Committees insist on “local control” one minute, but the next item is likely legislation for another high school graduation requirement. Very rarely do we hear statements of awareness of daily class room relationships and guidance that build learning, competence, and confidence among our kids. 
This alert is about a set of bills. We know that our frontline voices speak realities. They are being entirely overlooked this session. We know that best solutions come from collaborative educators and teacher-student-parent interactions. We know the significance of our quiet role in communities. But it time to shout out for our classrooms!
Share this message with your colleagues, friends, and family. Encourage them join us in expressions to legislators about bills that harm and the value of looking to experienced teachers and education teams for solutions.

Our colleagues have watched bills come this session, we are demoralized and dismayed by the common disregard for professional skills and experience, not to mention fundamental interest in kids and their futures. Among the hardest hitting are three bills now posed to degrade our schools, de-professionalize what teachers and administrators do, and privatize our students’ programs or schools.

Although HB197 allows for administrators to have training and experience, graduate degrees, endorsements, or other education credentials may not be required. Utah code already provides an alternative route to administrator licensing, and even the notable Rice University REEP program recognizes the value of professional educator experience as a basis for entrepreneurship in schools. We need reliable school administrators who can face issues particular to the diversity of students, school personnel, parents, and other stakeholders. Please uphold our classrooms and safe student learning. This is de-professionalization. Encourage your representatives to vote “NO” on HB197 !

SB235 excludes proven methods which focus on teacher input and prescribes that “independent experts” (vendors) lead in a process to address low-achieving schools. The latest PISA report portrays that the most successful education occurs where classroom learning is supported with teacher collaboration time and equitable opportunities for students. This is privatization with public funds. 
Encourage your representatives to vote "NO" on SB235 !

SB260 removes local controls and corrupts the local school board relationship with teachers. It transfers certain local employment processes to the state level. This bill diminishes job security, particularly for new teachers, damages dialogue among teachers and administrators, and places a state shadow of threat over every school in every community. This is de-professionalization and loss of local control. 
Encourage your representatives to vote “NO” on SB260 !

Together, these bills orchestrate the devaluation of teacher and local district roles. They pass extraordinary and unnecessary authority in local school matters to the state school board. It’s poor vision for a top-heavy system and diminished frontline voice. 
Support kids and learning by supporting classroom-level collaboration. Acknowledge the professionals who serve as teachers. 
Encourage your representatives to vote NO on HB197, SB235, SB260